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- marijuana LA BAMBA - heroin LACE - cocaine and marijuana LADY - cocaine LADY - glassware for smoking cocaine LADY CAINE - cocaine LADY LINE MUSER - cocaine LADY SNOW - cocaine LAKBAY DIVA - marijuana LAMBORGHINI - crack pipe made from plastic rum bottle and a rubber sparkplug cover LA ROCHA - Rohypnol LATE NIGHT - cocaine LAUGH AND SCRATCH - to inject a drug LAUGHING GAS - nitrous oxide LAUGHING GRASS - marijuana LAUGHING WEED - marijuana LAUNDERING MONEY - a process to hide the criminal source of money to make it appear legal LAY BACK - depressant LAY-OUT - equipment for taking drugs LAY ON - supply drugs on deferred payment LBJ - LSD LBJ - PCP LBJ - heroin LEAF - cocaine LEAF - marijuana LEAK - marijuana/PCP combination LEAKY BOLLA-PCP LEAKY LEAK - PCP LEAN - codeine cough syrup LEAPERS - amphetamine LEAPING - under the influence of drugs LEBANESE - cannabis resin LEBANESE GOLD - cannabis resin LEGAL SPEED - over the counter asthma drug LEMON - poor quality drugs LEMONS - methaqualone LEMONADE - poor quality drugs LEMONADE - heroin LEMON DROP - methamphetamine with a dull yellow tint LENS - LSD LETHAL WEAPON - PCP LETTER BISCUITS - MDMA LETTUCE - money LIB - Librium, chlordiazepoxide, a benzodiazepine LIBERTIES - magic mushrooms (psylocybe) LIBERTY CAP - magic mushrooms (psylocybe) LICK A STICK - refers to crack cocaine LICK A ROCK - refers to crack cocaine LID - one ounce of marijuana LIDO - crack LID PROPPERS - amphetamine LIGHT - cocaine LIGHT WHITE - cocaine LIGHT STUFF - marijuana LIGHTNING - amphetamine LIGHTNING FLASH - LSD LIMA - marijuana LIME ACID - LSD LINE - quantity of amphetamine LINE - quantity of cocaine LIP POPPERS - amphetamine LIPTON TEA - inferior quality drugs LIQUID INCENSE - nitrite inhalants LIQUID GOLD - nitrite inhalants LIT UP - under influence of drugs LITTLE BOMB - amphetamine LITTLE BOMB - heroin LITTLE BOMB - depressant LITTLE ONES - PCP LITTLE SMOKE - marijuana LITTLE SMOKE - psilocybin LITTLE SMOKE - psilocin LIVE ONES - PCP LIQUID E - gammahydroxybutyrate LIQUID ECSTASY - gammahydroxybutyrate LIQUID LADY - cocaine that is dissolved in water and ingested as a nasal spray LIQUID X - gammahydroxybutyrate LLESCA - marijuana LOAD - 25 bags of heroin LOADS - heroin LOADED - high on drugs LOAF - marijuana LOBO - marijuana LOCKER ROOM - isobutyl nitrite LOCO WEED - cannabis LOG - PCP LOG - marijuana cigarette LOGOR - LSD LOONY TOONS - LSD LOPPY DUST - cocaine LOUIS - sixteenth (1/16th) LOUSED - covered by sores and abscesses LOVE - crack LOVE AFFAIR - cocaine LOVE BOAT - marijuana dipped in formaldehyde LOVE BOAT - PCP LOVE DOVES - ecstasy LOVE DRUG - depressant LOVE DRUG - MDMA LOVE LEAF - marijuana/PCP combination LOVE PILLS - hallucinogen LOVE TRIP - MDMA LOVE TRIP - mescaline LOVE WEED - cannabis LOVELIES - marijuana laced with PCP LOVELY - PCP LOVER’S SPEED - MDMA LOZ - one ounce of cannabis LSD - lysergic acid diethylamide LUBAGE - marijuana LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS - LSD LUDES - Quaaludes LUDES - methaqualone LUDING OUT - taking Quaaludes LUDING OUT - depressant LUDS - depressant LUVDUP - feeling loving and loveable LUVDUP - a group feeling of togetherness M M - morphine M. - cannabis M25 - ecstasy M&M’S - ecstasy MACHINERY - equipment for injecting MACKA - amphetamine MADMAN - PCP MAD DOG - PCP MAGNUMS - amphetamines MAGIC - PCP MAGIC DUST - PCP MAGIC MUSHROOM - see psilocin MAGIC SMOKE - cannabis MAINLINE - to inject a drug MAINLINER - person who injects into a vein MAINLINING - injecting drugs intravenously MAKE UP - need to find more drugs MAKE THE TURN - to withdraw from drugs MALAWI GRASS - cannabis MAMA COCA - cocaine MAN - source of supply - drug dealer MANDIES - mandrax (not available legally in UK) MARATHONS - amphetamine MARCHING DUST - cocaine MARCHING POWDER - cocaine MARIJUANA - cannabis in a form for smoking MARSHMALLOW REDS - barbiturates MARY - cannabis MARY AND JOHNNY - cannabis MARY ANN - cannabis MARY JANE - cannabis MASERATI - crack pipe made from a plastic bottle and a rubber sparkplug cover MATCHBOX - 1/4 oz of marijuana or 6 marijuana cigarettes MAX - gammahydroxybutyrate dissolved in water and mixed with amphetamines MDM - MDMA MDMA - methylenedioxymethylamphetamine MEAN GREEN - PCP MEET - a meeting between drug users and suppliers MELLOW YELLOW - LSD MERCHANDISE - drugs MERK - cocaine MESC - mescaline MESCAL - mescaline METH - methamphetamine METH - methadone powder METH AMPS - ecstasy METH HEAD - regular user of methamphetamine METH MONSTER - person who has a violent reaction to methamphetamine MEXICAN BROWN - heroin MEXICAN GREEN - cannabis MEXICAN HORSE - heroin MEXICAN MUD - heroin MEXICAN MUSHROOM - psilocybin MEXICAN MUSHROOM - psilocin MEXICAN RED - cannabis MEXICAN RED - barbiturates MEXICAN REDS - depressant MEXICAN VALIUM - Rohypnol MICKEY FINN - alcohol and chloral hydrate MICRODOT - LSD MIDNIGHT OIL - opium MIGHTY QUINN - LSD MIGHTY JOE YOUNG - depressant MIGHTY MEZZ - marijuana cigarette MIND DETERGENT - LSD MINI BEANS - Amphetamine MINI BEANS - MDMA MINIBENNIE - amphetamine MINSTRELS - durophet, amphetamine MINT LEAF - PCP MINT WEED - PCP MIRA - opium MISS - to inject a drug MISS EMMA - morphine MISSILE BASING - crack liquid and PCP MISSION - trip out to obtain crack MIST - PCP MIST - crack smoke MISTER BLUE - morphine MISTIES - morphine tablets MITSUBISHIS - Ecstasy MIXED JIVE - crack MJ - marijuana MO - marijuana MOGGIES - mogadon or nitrazepam MOHASKY - cannabis MOJO - narcotics MOJO - cocaine MOJO - heroin MONKEY - morphine MONKEY - cigarette made from cocaine paste and tobacco MONKEY DUST - PCP MONKEY JUICE - methadone MONKEY TRANQUILIZER - PCP MONKEY ON THE BACK - to be addicted MONSTER - cocaine MOONROCK - crack and heroin MOOTERS - marijuana cigarettes MOOTIE - marijuana MOOTOS - marijuana MOROCCAN (GOLD) - cannabis resin MORE - PCP MORF - morphine MORNING SHOT - amphetamine MORNING SHOT - MDMA MORNING WAKE-UP - first blast of crack from the pipe MOROTGARA - heroin MORPH - morphine sulfate MORPHO - morphine MORTAL COMBAT - high potency heroin MOSQUITOS - cocaine MOTHER - marijuana MOTHER’S LITTLE HELPER - barbiturates MOTORCYCLE CRACK - methamphetamine MOUTHORGAN (PLAYING THE) - using a matchbox cover to 'chase the dragon’ MOUTH WORKER - one who takes drugs orally MOVIE STAR DRUG - cocaine MOW THE GRASS - smoke cannabis MS - morphine MST - morphine tablets MU - marijuana MUD - methadone MUD - heroin MUD - opium MUGGIE - cannabis MUJER - cocaine MULE - carrier or supplier of drugs MURDER ONE - heroin and cocaine MURDER 8 - fentanyl MUSHIES - magic mushrooms MUSHROOMS - magic mushrooms (see psilocin) MUTHA - marijuana MUZZLE - heroin N NAIL - needle NAIL - marijuana cigarette NAILED - to be arrested NANOO - heroin NEB - barbiturate NEBBIES - depressant NECKING - depressant NEMS - Nembutal NEMMIES - depressant NEMIES - Nembutal NEMBIES - Nembutal NEPALESE (BLACK) - cannabis (resin) NEW ACID - PCP NEW ADDITION - crack NEW JACK SWING - heroin and morphine NEW MAGIC - PCP NICE AND EASY - heroin NICKED - arrested NICKEL DECK - heroin NICKELONIANS - crack addicts NIDA - National Institute on Drug Abuse NIEBLA - PCP NIGRA - marijuana NIMBIES - depressant NIMBY - barbiturate NINETEEN - amphetamine NINETEEN - MDMA NIX - stranger among the group NOD - effects of heroin NOISE - heroin NORTHERN LIGHTS - cannabis NOSE - heroin NOSE - cocaine NOSE CANDY - cocaine NOSE DROPS - liquefied heroin NOSE STUFF - cocaine NOSE POWDER - cocaine NOX - use of Nitrous Oxide and MDMA NUBS - peyote NUGGET - amphetamine NUGGETS - crystals of cocaine NUGGETS - crack NUMBER - marijuana cigarette NUMBER 3 - cocaine NUMBER 3 - heroin NUMBER 4 - heroin NUMBER 8 - heroin NURSE - heroin O O - opium O. - PCP OCTANE - PCP laced with gasoline OD - overdose OFF YOUR FACE - high on drugs OGOY - heroin OIL - cannabis OIL - heroin OIL - PCP OLD STEVE - heroin OLJA - cannabis ON A MISSION - searching for crack ON A TRIP - under the influence of an hallucinogenic drug ON ICE - in prison ON THE BRICKS - released from prison ON THE BRICKS - walking the streets ON THE NOD - under the influence of drugs ONE - cannabis oil ONE AND ONE - to inhale cocaine ONE OF EACH - A deal of heroin and crack cocaine when purchased simultaneously ONE BOX TISSUE - one ounce of crack ONE-FIFTY-ONE - crack ONE WAY - LSD ONION - 1oz of crack OOLIES - marijuana cigarette laced with crack OPE - opium OPTICAL ILLUSIONS - LSD OPIODS - non opiate narcotic drug ORANGE BARRELS - LSD ORANGE CRYSTAL - PCP ORANGE CUBES - LSD ORANGE HAZE - LSD ORANGE LINE - heroin ORANGE MICRO - LSD ORANGE SUNSHINE - LSD ORANGE WEDGES - LSD ORANGES - dexedrine tablets ORANGES - amphetamine ORBIT - ecstasy OSCAR - refers to an ounce deal (often shortened to OZ) - any commodity OUTERLIMITS - crack and LSD OUTFIT - drug addict’s equipment or paraphernalia OVER AND UNDER - a combination of a stimulant and depressant drug OWSLEY - LSD OWSLEY 'S ACID - LSD OYSTER STEW - cocaine OZ - see reference to OSCAR above OZONE - PCP and crack cigarette OZONE - marijuana P P - peyote P - PCP PCP - phencyclidine PCPA - PCP P. The Taino people were enslaved by the Spanish, who were then overthrown by the British, who brought Africans to Jamaica to be enslaved and work on the plantations.Black slaves became the dominant cultural force as they suffered and resisted the harsh conditions of forced labour.I don’t know why they say that because it just makes me tired….it’s alcohol!I have to laugh at the signs and advertising because of the hot girl in the middle of it and the reference to “horny goat weed”.Raleigh police said they responded to a report of shots fired on Hensley Drive Tuesday night.

(Needless to say, very little was ever offered — or required — in of any of these allegations).White women were also warned that too much unsupervised contact with a black man (up to and especially including sexual intercourse) would leave them Defiled Forever; and heaven help the mother of a Chocolate Baby...In other words, this trope has some extremely dubious origins, and continues to carry all manner of Unfortunate Implications with it. In case you really want to know, a not-particularly-scientific survey found that "[t]he average for the African continent as a whole is a whopping 6.3 inches." This is slightly bigger than average Quagmire: Wow, those are all the monuments I read about in school!Jamaican culture is the religion, norms, values and lifestyle that defines the people of Jamaica.The culture is mixed, with an ethnically diverse society, stemming from a history of inhabitants beginning with the original Taino people.

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I’LL BE BACK - crack ICE - cocaine ICE - crack ICE - methylamphetamine ICECREAM HABIT - irregular drug habit ICECREAM HABIT - occasional use of drugs ICE CUBE - crack ICING - cocaine ICPO - International Convention on Psychotropic Substances IDIOT PILLS - barbiturates ILL - PCP ILLIES - marijuana dipped in PCP ILLING - marijuana dipped in PCP ILLY - marijuana cigarettes soaked in embalming fluid and dried IN - connected with drug suppliers INBETWEENS - depressant INBETWEENS - amphetamine INCA MESSAGE - cocaine INDIAN BOY - marijuana INDIAN HAY - cannabis from India INDIAN HEMP - marijuana INDICA - species of cannabis found in hot climates INDONESIAN BUD - marijuana INDONESIAN BUD - opium INSTANT ZEN - LSD INTERPLANETARY MISSION - travel from one crackhouse to another in search of crack ISDA - heroin ISSUES - crack ITOG - PCP J J - marijuana cigarette JAB - to inject a drug JACK - heroin tablet JACKPOT - fentanyl JACK UP - injecting drugs JACKING UP - injecting drugs JAG - keep a high going JAM - amphetamine JAM - cocaine JAMAICAN - cannabis JAMACIAN - cannabis JAM CECIL - amphetamine JANE - marijuana JAR - inject drugs JAY SMOKE - marijuana JAY - marijuana cigarette JEE GEE - heroin JEFFERSON AIRPLANE - used match cut in half to hold a partially smoked marijuana cigarette JELLIES - temazepam capsules (not now legally available in UK) JELLY - cocaine JELLY BABY - amphetamine JELLY BEAN - amphetamine JELLY BEAN - depressant JELLY BEANS - amphetamines JELLY BEANS - crack JERRY SPRINGER - heroin JET - ketamine JET FUEL - methamphetamine JET FUEL - PCP JIB - gammahydroxybutyrate JIM JONES - marijuana with cocaine & PCP JIMMY - the foil used when smoking heroin (rhyming slang.